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Mission Statement
The Mission of Russell W. Anderson Inc. is to treat our customers in a professional, respectful manner, while providing high-quality work at a reasonable price. By carefully explaining and interacting with our customers, we seek to provide our customers with a "smooth" tank removal process. The work we perform on each job - whether large or small - is a self-portrait of our company. Our goal is to "autograph" all of our work with excellence.

My name is on every job—Russell W. Anderson

Plan Ahead

Don't let the presence of an underground fuel oil tank interfere with the sale of your home. Having your tank removed in advance will assure you of a smooth transaction.

We strive to make your underground oil tank removal process as easy and care-free as possible as we understand your concerns as the homeowner.

Call Anderson today for complimentary no obligation estimate. Having your tank removed by Anderson today will make your home attractive for a favorable sale tomorrow.

Anderson has served NJ residential and commercial customers since 1994. We're ready to remove or abandon your underground oil storage tank, assist you with permits and available NJ funding, test your tank and soil, conduct soil and water remediation, and to our oil customers, install QUALITY above ground oil storage tanks.

What’s the cost to remove or replace an oil tank?

Good Question

It most likely costs less than you may expect. Of course costs vary from tank to tank due to size and complexity, etc. but you’ll never know the cost until you call us for a free estimate.

And if you would like to replace your underground tank with an above ground 30-yr. tank, well, call us—we remove and install those too.

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